Attack the root causes of project failure.

Most IT project failures can be traced back to a few common root causes. ProjectOffice+ specifically helps your organization address these common culprits by providing the support and guidance your project managers need to avoid these pitfalls.

  • Inadequate Project Oversight
  • Inconsistent Processes
  • Poor Communications Between IT and Business
  • Lack of Experienced Project Managers

Think of it as increasing the reach of your project office without having to increase your staff. Whether you have no PMO or just can't get coverage for all of your projects, we can help.

Inadequate project oversight

In a perfect world, each and every project would get regular reviews by subject matter experts and seasoned project managers. The reality is, most organizations lack the resources to apply methodical oversight and reviews on the majority of projects. The result is inconsistent reporting and metrics, a lack of visibility into health and status, and varying levels of best practice compliance.

The PO+ Solution

The PO+ service brings unobtrusive but thorough reviews and reporting to every one of your projects. Our experienced PMO staff works with your staff to monitor a wide range of operational data and project team feedback to spot early indicators of project trouble. Regular reports make sure you have a clear picture of the health of each project, along with recommendations to get struggling projects back on track.

Inconsistent processes

Repeatable success requires repeatable processes. It's no secret that consistently employing proven processes and best practices on a project improves its chances of success. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Attempting to develop, communicate, and enforce standard processes and best practices across a large organization can be a daunting task.

The PO+ Solution

With PO+, regular analysis is conducted to make sure that each project is complying with industry best practices and your defined processes. Our experts also work with your project management teams to introduce industry best practices.

Poor Communication

Effective communication between IT and project stakeholders throughout the business is critical to project success. Misunderstood requirements, diverging expectations, and lack of engagement are all issues that arise from lacking communication.

The PO+ Solution

Bringing consistent reporting practices to each project ensures everyone, from project managers to executive stakeholders, has clear visibility into where each project is at. We also capture feedback from everyone involved in a project throughout its life cycle. This approach to "managing by walking around" in a 21st century world identifies disconnects early and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Not Enough Experienced Project Managers

At the core of most of the problems above is that many organizations simply don't have enough veteran project managers to go around. The ones they do have are overworked and overextended, and inexperienced PMs don't always have the resources to quickly get up to speed.

The PO+ Solution

We increase the bandwidth of your best project managers by freeing them from the typical administrative overhead of data collection and reporting. By removing those burdens, they have more time to focus on the activities that provide real value to your IT projects. Additionally, by consistently applying best practices and standards, less experienced PMs have a framework for getting up to speed quickly.

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