How does ProjectOffice+ work?

The ProjectOffice+ service allows your organization to dramatically boost project oversight capabilities without the need to increase staffing. Our team of PMO experts provides support and guidance to help amplify the capabilities and bandwidth of your current team. A typical PO+ engagement has three primary components:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Ongoing Project Monitoring
  • Quarterly Evaluations

Initial Assessment

We conduct an initial evaluation of your organization's project management health to understand your PMO maturity by using in-person interviews and our proprietary software. 

Next, we conduct a gap analysis and put together a capability maturity improvement plan.

Sample Gap Analysis

Our assessment covers your PMO from every perspective, and ends with a presentation and roadmap. This example from one of our customers shows some of the highlights from that final presentation.

View example analysis

Ongoing Project Monitoring

Using our proprietary tools and techniques, we capture project data on a weekly basis and look for early warning signs. If we spot indicators of possible problems, we alert your PMO or project managers right away.

At the middle of each month, we provide a snapshot report that highlights any projects that are showing a high risk of failure, so you can take action right away. At the end of the month, you will receive a full report on the health and status of each project. We'll hold a conference call with key project stakeholders to provide recommendations and answer questions.

Sample Monthly Report

This snippet from a monthly report shows the level of consistent visibility PO+ brings to each project in your organization.

View example report

Quarterly Evaluations

Each quarter, we'll conduct a comprehensive health assessment to show progress and realign data collection and analysis with the most significant problems. As part of this evaluation, we'll hold a conference call with the staff of your choosing to review performance and provide recommendations.

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