Is PO+ a good fit for my organization?

How and where PO+ can help your organization's IT projects succeed is based on your particular culture, capabilities, and constraints. The following questions will help highlight some of the specific ways in which we can have the most impact.

Which statement best describes your experience with PMOs in your organization?

Select the choice that best describes your PMO.

Are you satisfied with the amount of visibility your project management information system provides to executives and project management personnel?

What percentage of projects are reviewed for lessons learned at the conclusion of each project or phase?

Has your project management organization formally adapted a methodology?

How old is your oldest issue?

Which statement best describes your experience in project management?

Are you satisfied with the amount of time spent monitoring projects against plan, and controlling processes for risk and quality?

Which of the following responses describes your project team's behavior.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.


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