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PMI's Pulse of the Profession® report for 2015 revealed that a culture of project management is instrumental to completing more strategic initiatives each year. With a sluggish global economy, it becomes vital to maximize organizational value.


How well does your organization perform project management basics such as building stakeholder support for initiatives and planning the project before committing to it? Take our free ProjectOffice+ assessment.

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The assessment contains 21 questions based upon the 3 critical success factors leveraged by high performance organizations, and a field to provide general comments about each factor.
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2. Enlist your experts

Enroll up to 20 key individuals on your project management teams so the responses are inclusive. In return for 10-15 minutes of their time, participants become contributors to change that can improve daily project life for their team and customers.

3. Review the results

We will provide a report summary and details of all question responses.
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4. Take action

Discuss the gaps in project management culture, talent and process, and who is in the best position to make improvements.

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